Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parrot attack and english lesson and cruz roja training

This morning I walk over to negros house to wake him up so we can go to training with red cross, and his parrot bite me, clamp down hard and draw blood, then we wait for one hour on a bus that never come, after that we have english lesson and a song come on the radio by puddle of mud, pana asks, "Que significa, she fucking hates me" and I just tell him well that mean she don't like you very much.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Montezuma Camping Trip

Well we just get back from camp out in da jungle, catchin da kine waves to ourself, you see here couple fotos from dat perfect left hander point break, chillin out in da hammock tent, camp fire, 76 Land Cruiser, two great friends T-bone and Jennine, pura vida!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monsoon Rains

Heeyah! Git outta here, git, before I take off my sandal and run you outta here, go on you silly monsoon and take dat crazy ass 30 inches of rain in 10 days with you, hell go to Texas where they might throw a party for you...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feet are important

Well like I said, feet are important in your every day life, for example surfing, bottom turns, top turns, cut backs. Stomping on bugs, chasing a whore that just grabbed your wallet (that's just an example), etc.
In the past month my feet have dealt with parasites, dropping a bed on one toe in Pavones, kicking rocks, lawnmowers, one stingray bite, one sea urchin the next day, and now the Gout is trying to attack my good foot during the biggest swell of the year, bring on Aleve cause we goin campin on dat new point break!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soda Mary still rocks

Well this recent photo taken by a good friend Karram, shows that Soda Mary still got it. After a surf lesson that was ended by a sting ray that was buried because too much current, we decide to make guacamole, drank some beers and order some pizza, although when Ray went to pick up the pizza he went to the wrong place, brought back pizza any way

New Point Break

Well we were looking for a trailer and found one on Craigs List for $100 in a fairly remote part of CR with rich wave potential, so me, kealy and desirae load up the mule and head out for adventure. The trailer sucks but we found a beautiful left hander with hardly any body on it so me and kealy killed it. These pics taken with my gay purple phone and they suck too but you get the idea of the setup of this amazing wave.
We goin back this weekend to camp out.


Well I get ready for a drink of water and holy fuck there's a giant spider on the handle, probably better to just drink beer and avoid this type of drama.